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Solid-State Inverter/Mains AC Changeover Circuits Using Triacs

The post explains 2 simple concepts for making solid-state triac based Inverter/mains AC changeover circuit, the idea was requested by Music girl. Technical Specifications I would like to replace the SPDT relay with 2 scr’s. Would you consider a circuit to replace those changeover relays? I believe a relay would need to handle 60 amps … Read moreSolid-State Inverter/Mains AC Changeover Circuits Using Triacs

2 Easy Automatic Inverter/Mains AC Changeover Circuits

I have been put forth with this question many times in this blog, how do we add a changeover selector switch for automatically toggling of an inverter when AC mains is present and vice versa. And also the system must enable automatic switching of the battery charger such that when AC mains is present the … Read more2 Easy Automatic Inverter/Mains AC Changeover Circuits

Generator/UPS/Battery Relay Changeover Circuit

The article explains a generator/UPS/Battery relay changeover circuit for implementing a customized optimization for a generator, UPS, battery power network, in order to enhance the operational efficiency of the system. The idea was requested by Mr. Sidingilizwe. Circuit Objectives and Requirements First of all thank you for adding me to your circles. Do you offer … Read moreGenerator/UPS/Battery Relay Changeover Circuit

How to Convert an Inverter to an UPS

An inverter is an equipment which will convert a battery voltage or any DC (normally a high current) into a higher mains equivalent voltage (120V, or 220V), however unlike an UPS inverters may lack one feature, that is these may not be able to switch from mains battery charging mode to inverter mode and vice … Read moreHow to Convert an Inverter to an UPS

Single Transformer Inverter/Charger Circuit

The post explains how to build an innovative inverter circuit with a single transformer that works both as an inverter and a battery charger transformer, Let’s learn the details from the following discussion. The Circuit Objective Though you may find many inverters having an integral battery charger, the section will mostly employ a separate transformer … Read moreSingle Transformer Inverter/Charger Circuit

Solar Inverter/Charger for Science Project

The following article explains a simple solar inverter circuit consisting of it’s own battery charger and an automatic changeover relay system for switching the battery to the inverter in the absence of solar energy. The circuit was requested by Ms. Swati Ojha. The Circuit Stages The circuit mainly consists of two stages viz: a simple inverter, and … Read moreSolar Inverter/Charger for Science Project

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