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How to Identify Component Specifications

The post explains the correct way of understanding and identifying component specifications in a given circuit diagram, even if the details are missing in the document or the schematic. Schematics without Part Specifications When a new hobbyist searches for a particular electronic circuit of his choice, the internet provides him with a multitude of schematics … Read moreHow to Identify Component Specifications

Electronic Component Buying Guide for New Hobbyists

Are you a beginner to electronics? Then here are few guidelines which might help you to buy some really useful components, so that you are always for an electronic and are never short of some crucial component.. OBJECTIVE: Not only for beginners, this will also help other hobbyists to buy some most commonly used components. … Read moreElectronic Component Buying Guide for New Hobbyists

Phase Shift Oscillators – Wien-Bridge, Buffered, Quadrature, Bubba

In the previous post we learned about the critical considerations required while designing an op-amp based phase shift oscillator. In this post we will take it further ahead and know more regarding the types of phase shift oscillators and how to calculate the involved parameters through formulas. Wien-bridge circuit The below given diagram shows the … Read morePhase Shift Oscillators – Wien-Bridge, Buffered, Quadrature, Bubba

Designing Op amp Oscillators

In this post we learn how to design opamp based oscillators, and regarding the many critical factors required for generating a stable oscillator design. Op amp based oscillators are normally used to generate precise, periodic waveforms like square, sawtooth, triangular, and sinusoidal. Generally they operate using a single active device, or a lamp, or a … Read moreDesigning Op amp Oscillators

Hire us

If you wish to have a working circuit prototype built from us, you can very well get it done at an affordable rate. You can order the specifications as per your requirements, we’ll make sure to customize and add all those features in the design. The assembling charge is approximately Rs. 30/- per solder point … Read moreHire us

Arduino 3 Phase Inverter Circuit with Code

Arduino 3 phase driver

In this post we learn how to make a simple microprocessor Arduino based 3 phase inverter circuit which could be upgraded as per user preference for operating a given 3 phase load. We have already studied an effective yet simple 3 phase inverter circuit in one of our earlier posts which relied on opamps for … Read moreArduino 3 Phase Inverter Circuit with Code

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