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What’s Islanding in GTI (Grid Tie Inverter)

One big issue that most GTI manufacturers struggle to implement effectively is, what is commonly known as “islanding”, the following discussion throws light on this important factor and tries to find a solution. The issue was pointed out and clarified by Mr. Dennis, Let’s learn more. What’s GTI Islanding G’day, With any luck at all … Read moreWhat’s Islanding in GTI (Grid Tie Inverter)

Grid-tie Inverter (GTI) Circuit Using SCR

Grid-tie inverter concepts may appear to be complex due to the many criticalities involved with them, however with some intelligent thinking it could be actually implemented using primitive technologies. One of the ideas has been explored here. Introduction The discussed idea of a simple grid-tie inverter circuit was suggested by one of the interested readers … Read moreGrid-tie Inverter (GTI) Circuit Using SCR

Homemade 100VA to 1000VA Grid-tie Inverter Circuit

The following concept describes a simple yet viable solar grid tie inverter circuit which can be modified appropriately for generating wattage from 100 to 1000 VA and above. What’s a grid tie inverter It’s an inverter system designed to work just like an ordinary inverter using a DC input power with an exception that the … Read moreHomemade 100VA to 1000VA Grid-tie Inverter Circuit

Synchronized 4kva Stackable Inverter

This first part of the proposed 4kva synchronized stackable inverter circuit discusses how to implement the crucial automatic synchronization across the 4 inverters with regards to frequency, phase and voltage to keep the inverters running independent of each other yet achieving an output that’s on par with each other. The idea was requested by Mr. … Read moreSynchronized 4kva Stackable Inverter

Optimizing Grid, Solar Electricity with Inverter

The post discusses a circuit method which may be used to automatically switch and adjust the stronger counterpart amongst the solar panel, battery and the grid such that the load always gets the optimized power for an interrupted error for operations. The idea was requested by Mr. Raj. Technical Specifications Your projects/ circuits on https://homemade-circuits.com/ are truely inspirational … Read moreOptimizing Grid, Solar Electricity with Inverter