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How to Design an Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) Circuit

In this brief tutorial we learn how to design a customized UPS circuit at home using ordinary components such as a few NAND ICs and a some relays. What is an UPS UPS stands for uninterruptible power supply, these units are designed with an intention to provide power to the connected load without slightest bit … Read moreHow to Design an Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) Circuit

Generator/UPS/Battery Relay Changeover Circuit

The article explains a generator/UPS/Battery relay changeover circuit for implementing a customized optimization for a generator, UPS, battery power network, in order to enhance the operational efficiency of the system. The idea was requested by Mr. Sidingilizwe. Circuit Objectives and Requirements First of all thank you for adding me to your circles. Do you offer … Read moreGenerator/UPS/Battery Relay Changeover Circuit

Convert your Computer UPS to Home UPS

This article explains an interesting topic, how to convert your computer UPS into home UPS. If you own a desktop computer, you may have a UPS that can power your computer for 10-15 minutes after power failure. Using an UPS The purpose of the UPS is to save your work and shutdown your computer properly … Read moreConvert your Computer UPS to Home UPS

Sinewave UPS using PIC16F72

The proposed sinewave inverter UPS circuit is built using PIC16F72 microcontroller, some passive electronic components and associated power devices. Data provided by: Mr. hisham bahaa-aldeen Main Features: The main technical features of the discussed PIC16F72 sinewave inverter may be evaluated from the following data: Power output (625/800va) fully customization and can be upgraded to other … Read moreSinewave UPS using PIC16F72

Redundant DC UPS Circuit

The post explains a couple of straightforward redundant UPS circuits for providing a secured uninterruptible power to crucial gadgets such as computer ATX or modems etc. The idea was requested by Mr.  Shayan Firoozi. Circuit Objectives and Requirements There are many products which has 2 input for different power supply,for example one for normal mains,one … Read moreRedundant DC UPS Circuit

How to Make an ATX UPS Circuit with Charger

The post explains a simple ATX UPS circuit with an automatic charger for enabling an automatic changeover from mains to battery power during mains failures and for ensuring an uninterruptible operation of the ATX load. Technical Specifications I´m interested in your site and there are a lot good ideas. But for my actual idea I … Read moreHow to Make an ATX UPS Circuit with Charger

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