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How to Convert Voltage to Frequency

The IC VFC32 is an advanced voltage to frequency converter device from BURR-BROWN specifically designed to produce an extremely proportional frequency response to the fed input voltage for a given voltage to frequency converter circuit application. How the Device Functions If the input voltage varies, the output frequency follows this and varies proportionately with a … Read moreHow to Convert Voltage to Frequency

2 Frequency to Voltage Converter Circuits

As the name suggests frequency to voltage converters are devices that convert a frequency input data into correspondingly rising or falling voltage levels, in response to the increasing or decreasing frequency levels. Here we study two advanced designs using IC VFC32 and IC LM2907 The previous post explained a simple single chip voltage to frequency … Read more2 Frequency to Voltage Converter Circuits

Arduino Frequency Meter Using 16×2 Display

In this article we are going to construct a digital frequency meter using Arduino whose readings will be showcased on a 16×2 LCD display and will have a measuring range from 35 Hz to 1MHz. Introduction Being electronics enthusiast, we all would have come across a point where we need to measure frequency in our … Read moreArduino Frequency Meter Using 16×2 Display

Capacitive Voltage Divider

In this post we learn how capacitive voltage divider circuits operate in electronic circuits, through formulas and solved examples. By: Dhrubajyoti Biswas What is a Voltage Divider Network Talking about a voltage divider circuit, it is important to note that voltage in divider circuit gets equally distributed among all the existing components associated with the … Read moreCapacitive Voltage Divider

Calculating Voltage, Current in a Buck Inductor

In this post we’ll try to understand the various parameters required for designing a correct buck converter inductor, such that the required output is able to achieve maximum efficiency. In our previous post we learned the basics of buck converters and realized the important aspect regarding the transistor’s ON time with respect to the periodic … Read moreCalculating Voltage, Current in a Buck Inductor